Passion rediscovered

Almost 2 years ago I rediscovered a passion that I had forgotten about for quite some time: lindy hop. I started dancing in 2006, took a break starting in 2008, and began dancing again in 2010. I remember when I started dancing again, I found myself so discouraged. My body did not remember how to move, there was so much frustration. I was someone who danced, while my friends, who did not take the break that I did, were dancers.

This September I celebrated having been dancing (again) for two years! Happy re-dance-averary to me! It is amazing to see how much I have grown in that time! I now consider myself a dancer and feel like I am part of the community. My involvement has increased more than I ever thought it would.

Additionally my interests have grown from partner dancing to include solo jazz movement and choreography. Watching all of the dancers and troupes brings a great amount of inspiration. Click here  for examples of some routines performed by female groups. The troupe that has been the most influential is the Seattle based troupe Sister Kate. I contribute in a support role to several dance shows they run each year.


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